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A fabulous day to go out and enjoy the sunny blue skies, warm weather, on this September 17, 2017.   The leaves began to change about a week ago…. seemingly […]

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Grace is the free and unmerited favor of God, as manifested in the salvation of sinners and the gift of blessings. Do I deserve grace? No. How about God’s Grace? […]

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Tree of life

Imagine a tree. Tall, majestic, broad trunk, with full branches loaded with streams of leaves of various sizes. What a beautiful sight! Now imagine the likeness of a family, in […]


Hosea through Malachi

HOSEA Hosea prophesies during the end days of Israel, focusing on the sins of spiritual idolatry. God gives warnings that they will be punished unless they change their ways. Oh, but how God loved them so much. He offers reminders of his love, they had opportune time to repent and change their ways. Oh, how God loves us. He sent […]