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Because of Jesus’ perfect work on the CROSS, I am righteous by His blood. I am greatly blessed. I am complete. I am healed. I am highly favored, coming in […]

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Pure JOY

We live in the real world. Real problems, that can bring hardship, loss, disappointment, regret, shame and a host of other very negative emotional stress. Circumstances vary for all people, but  the struggle is real.  When disappoint becomes a mountain. Bruises from people who offer rejection, and pain that digs deep into your heart and mind.  When the sleepless nights […]

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The Valley of Psalm 23 v1

Psalm 23       New Heart English Bible1  Verse ONE:  [A Psalm by David.]The LORD is my shepherd; I lack nothing. Psalm 23 is often, in our culture, used at funerals. It reminds us that God is THEE God of comfort. He cares for his sheep (us). He guides those who love him into peace and rest. When we are lost, he […]