• How sneaky is the snake?

    I was on my phone one evening, you know, scrolling, scrolling, time wasting, as I  was unwinding my busy brain, so I could get to sleep. I love animals. So, of course, when a cute rolly […]

  • I am Battle Ready book is a newly launched and written by Kelly Balarie.  It’s been pretty amazing so far, as I dig into the wealth of information she has offered, all biblcally based. Do you need some change? […]

  • You are welcome…

  • Oh, Debbie, you are too! We sure have some experiences to share, that can encourage people to walk in Him, and not in the world!

  • Oh, how I love God’s word.

    It cuts to the core.

    Unlike the pious and pretentious world we live in today. Seems that political correctness is the mindset to live by according to today’s standards. NOT!

     As […]

  • You, as a believer in Jesus, have the POWER to know that you are loved, strong and amazing because of what He did on the Cross, for you.
    You ARE LOVED.
    Never let the enemy tell you otherwise.
    Here is one way […]

  • …….A day that is set aside to celebrate and reflect.

    As I was driving to my destination today, just as every April 24th rolls around for the past 21 years, a song has come on the radio, as if […]

  • Donna B wrote a new post, Where can I go 4 months ago

    ¨¨Oh, how I love ¨¨¨Psalm 139. 
    What a promise of GOD’S omnipresence. He is with us always and everywhere.

    There is no escaping Him. He hears our speech, sees our actions, knows our attitudes.
    No hiding from t […]

  • Today as I had my nails done, I related the process to life. We start out with our sweet little baby hands and fingers, who doesn’t love them


    We grow and adapt, and for many of us girls, we like to […]

  • Family Gatherings can bring a host of feelings when it comes to spending time together. We never asked to be born into the family we have. It just happens. God chooses us to be right smack in the middle of love, […]

  • God’s word is so active and wonderful.

    Yet, even though I know this is true, I sometimes struggle with His promises,   (I know, you gasp, right? lol).   I forget that those promises are YES and AMEN  FOR ME […]

  • I love life. There is a renewed place of contentment that I have longed for, that has finally arrived.  Oh, for a much too a long period of time, I  was stuck in this place of doubt, fear, questions, wonder and a […]

  • Oh, how rewarding it is to help others when they are in need. It might be small helps, like giving someone some fresh baked cookies, sending a note or email of encouragement, a small gift for no reason at all… […]

  • Oh, how I love to Praise God.

    Worship brings such energy, peace, love, and adoration, along with a thankful heart.

    How do you worship God? With a loud shout and joyful heart!? Worshipping hands lifted high – […]

  • We work, we play. The busy-ness of our life runs to and fro;  so many activities, kids, job, church, sports, hobbies, family, that sometimes our soul runs dry. We lose sight and can’t see the ray of hope that God […]

  • Life has a way of creating  a spirit of coldness. When we get hurt, live with regrets, pain surges within our hearts and minds, from things people may say or do….   ugliness controls our spirit, which are m […]

  • The bright and shining lights are fading from the Christmas Holiday. Reality is setting in as our days are frigidly cold and icy. Snow is abounding, even in the warm states, like Florida and Georgia. […]

  • The soothing sound of soft winds blowing on a sunny blue skied day, (especially in Florida), bring such peace. As I am hear visiting my son, and I must say, it’s quite strange to think Christmas is in only five […]

  • Here I am in Jacksonville, enjoying Christmas in the warmth of Florida! First time I have been here  in December. the difference from the winter vs. spring time, it is subtle, yet obvious. The humidity is still […]

  • Tonite, I sit here in utter tears. My heart is broken and tattered, ripped into small shreds. One of the loves of my life, my furbaby, Chloe the Cocker Spaniel, at 12 years old, and a decaying body that was not […]