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Good as Gold

Goals are set that we promise to complete this year.   What are some of your goals? How far into the year do you go before giving up, or do you get to the finish line? Are you going for the GOLD this year? Is this year going to be your best year yet? Say YES to new beginnings. 

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Glorious is God

What an evening. Although it is humid this October evening, the moon is full, soft clouds swiftly swoon over the bright and perfect circled moon. The light radiates over our […]

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A fabulous day to go out and enjoy the sunny blue skies, warm weather, on this September 17, 2017. The leaves began to change about a week ago…. seemingly slow, […]

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God wants us to Take courage and TRUST God to provide. — Be brave BOLD – CONFIDENT – and adventurous. Approach your day, your problems, issues of life with BOLDNESS and confidence! We can encounter danger and challenges with a FIRM foundation and resolve – knowing that God IS with us when we LIVE in FAITH to BELIEVE that He […]